About the band

Born from a group of like minded musicians hanging out at a ska festival, The Skluttz are hitting the DC ska punk scene with gusto.  Founded in 2016, the group put their heads together and started writing original music in an effort to contribute to the resurgence of ska.   We've got horns and we love to skank - what more could you ask for?

Veruca Sklutt


Veruca Sklutt, aka Lindsay, is the vocalist for this motley crew.  And also the band mom.  Well, somebody has to do it.  She loves chocolate, baseball, and going to concerts.  Also ska.  Duh. 

Curly Sklutt


Curly Sklutt, aka Emily, is a California girl living in a Maryland world.  Classically trained but a rude girl by choice, you can find her cheering on her favorite sports teams when she's not playing a gig around the DMV. 

Low Down Sklutt


Low Down Sklutt, aka Edson, is a veterano of the DC ska punk scene, slaps the bass, smells like cardamon and red bull, collects corduroy and drives under the speed limit in the left lane.  Namaste!

Big Red Sklutt

Tenor Sax

Big Red Sklutt, aka Dan

A Florida Ska Boii transplated to the DC area, Dan is a self-proclaimed nerd with a heart of gold who brings child-like joy to those around him.  He keeps the band laughing and rounds out the horn section with his pretty doots.    

Bang Bang Sklutt


Bang Bang Sklutt, aka Eddie.  Brooding, humorless and filled with Justice... wait no, that's Batman.   With NYC hardcore running in his veins, this guy has been slapping the skins since before he could walk.   Some call him graceful, others call him awkward, we call him Eddie. 

Professor Sklutt


Professor Sklutt, aka Xavi. From the tropicos of Puerto Rico, this guy likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain plus a big glass of rum and coke. Geek/gamer by day and musician by night, Professor has been livin the skankin' vida loca since 2011 with iother DC ska and non-ska bands. He believes it is his purpose in life to possess your mind with his upstrokes while helping the Skluttz go as loud and intense as they can.